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small house



This level includes interior and exterior coverage, takes approximately one and one half hour plus one half hour of post-production processing—and generates 15-25 images. As a guideline, this level is appropriate for properties under 3000 ft2, or under $500,000 asking. 



This level includes up to three hours on-site, and an equivalent post-production processing. This level is appropriate for properties up to 4000 ft2 or for properties that require a more detailed shoot.  This level generates 25-35 finished images.



This level includes up to 4 hours of shooting, and equivalent post-production time, usually generating 35-45  finished images. I prefer to make a separate appointment prior to the actual shoot to scout the property with you. This helps determine the optimal time to conduct the photo shoot and enhances the final product. This pre-shoot walk thru is included in the fee.

Exterior Only $50

This level generates 1 to 3 images

Twilight Exteriors $100

This service includes twilight exterior photography and generates 2 finished images.

Headshots $165

This service includes sitting, online proofing, and 2 finished, retouched images suitable for print and web use.

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